Who’s Cori?

The restaurant was named after Sully’s sixteen year old daughter Cori. The idea of this restaurant was born of one of his childhood memories and he wanted to extend the idea to her childhood. And besides, she is a much prettier face for the business than Sully. Although you can find Sully there seven days a week, occasionally Cori pops in to act as CEO and “Top Dog”.


Why Hot Dogs?

Cori’s DogHouse was born September 22, 2009 with the intent of bringing the best of our childhood favorite to everyone. Owner Sean “Sully” Sullivan’s fondest food memory was going to Woolworth’s with his mother as a child, sitting at the lunch counter and gobbling up two of the best darn hot dogs ever. Served on a New England style bun, one would have been more than enough for any seven year old, but he forced down two because they were so good. 

“Mom used to always let me get a second one, ’cause she knows how much I loved them.” – Sully

Thirty four years later Sully has brought his childhood memory to life and has expanded on it to provide a taste of of how hot dogs are popular around the country. Throw in some amazing sausages and wonderful sandwiches and now we got a restaurant. 

How Many Different Kinds Of Hot Dogs?

Through lots of research Sully found some of the most popular ways hot dogs are eaten across the country. Coupling that with a butter-grilled New England Style bun it makes for what we consider to be the BEST gourmet hot dog. But the menu is not just limited to 38 different options, but with 35 different topping options there are billions of ways we can top your gourmet hot dog. Other featured items include amazingly flavorful sausages, delicious sandwiches, hand cut french fries, hand breaded onion rings and “the best fried pickles in Nashville”. Sully believes that fresh ingredients and daily prepared items are important for a high quality product. The only thing in our freezer are our hot dogs.